What is the best DJ application for Android?
Good question but for me the answer is it depends on what you want to do!

There are several types of applications, pads, synths, or mixers.
To help you make the choices we have made a selection of the best Android DJ applications.

DJ Pads

PushPad DJ

DJ Pad also called Launchpad or MIDI Launcher is a control pad to compose and manage your music intuitively. We designed our own DJ Pad Android offering sample music library and a control surface to trigger sounds and edit it during live session.


MikroWave sequenced synthesizer

A synthesizer that lets you create your own rhythm of music, a DJ does not necessarily need that to make music, it is only in case he wants to create a single note to his taste. Once the bill creates the DJ imports it into a pad to mix with other sounds.

The DJ Turntables / Mixer Tables

Edjing DJ Mixer

DJ turntable Also known mixers, it is done to select and play existing music, the work of DJ is to create transitions between the sounds of each deck. You import sounds in the application and while playing you edit sound with different effects available on the software.