Electro Live sessions

The well know : Madeon - Pop Culture who have made the young french DJ Madeon a DJ Superstar !

Kloosless who perform a very long and beautifull preview of his soundpack : Fratres

Maybe the best performance than i have never seen ! Rodi Kirk New Zealand producer Performs "Underwater" on Push

A totally different style performing high quality music production !

Here the DJ performs a rather original session of electro music of 3min58 time, it uses the launchpad ABLETON PUSH to achieve this performance. You can download free the sound pack "NOW IN CONTROL" that has been used to make music. To download the bottom of the page you need to enter your email address.

This session will remain forever a reference because the DJ has been the first who has associated theLeap Motion with a djpad Ableton Push p presented just above and also a NI Maschine, the result is suprennant and we want more. Congratulations to DJ PerplexOn

Jesse Abayomi also nicknamed Zone3 performs a live performance of her song "Chemistry" using the pad ableton push, I recommend to everyone this video, we can realize that it is possible to produce great sound only with djpad.

Performing Kloosless - I Don't Mean To using PushPad Electro Original song

Dubstep Live sessions

In this video the DJ performs 2min52 of a very dynamic dubstep session for realize this he use the launchpad M4SONIC by NOVATION

Hip-hop sessions

A video of the highest quality where the DJ Yashar Gasanov achieves a performance of huge hip-hop electro 6min58 a time !! he uses ABLETON PUSH pad to produce this very inspiring music.

Another high quality performance similar to Rodi, here Decap a San Francisco-based hip-hop producer perform his new single: Feeling. Enjoy !

Courses: techniques and tricks / Basic theories to play with a pad

Warp Academy offer courses to students to properly use the Ableton push, in this video you will learn the basics to understand the different musical notes on a piano and then explains the layout piano keys on djpad ableton push.

Tips by Mad Zach : Here is the DJ Mad Zach, in this tutorial video 10min it uses several pads, firstly the Midi Fighter created by DJ Tech Tools, then it uses the pad Traktor Kontrol F1 and later the M4SONIC de NOVATION already talked more above this page. And to finish the session Mad Zach explains some techniques for Ableton Push also already presented above.

Tips Techniques by Mike Greig : In this video of 10min44 duration, Mike Greig the specialist in Ableton Push explains how to use a djpad, it shows you what you can do with it. He create a deep house session pretty much associated and you just need to follow the expert and have fun.

Techniques by Jesse Abayomi aka Zone3 : You've probably looked above the live performance by Jesse Abayomi for "Chemistry" and here the DJ reveals these techniques to create the famous sound, please take care to be attentive you do not regret it.