The app

Before creating this android application I have tried many other pad whether an Ableton Push, a Korg PadKontrol and Novation Launchpad, then I tried the android applications present on DJ Store applications using any this material I noticed the main shortcomings of each.
Electronic Pads them are long enough to take in hand to really use it properly and are also long to settle before each session.
Regarding existing Android applications, it has been difficult to really create a personal sound and configure the application while I was playing live music.
So I decided to create my own application to overcome the limitations and to allow me to really make up my sound and continuously improve, more the app is free, so you can download it immediately!
With this application you're the DJ and composer. You are free to make a new track, you play the music and you improve live by adjusting playback settings and volume independently for each key.
PushPad DJ Electro House Techno is the application of DJ Reference Apps for creating your own sound.
You select your samples sound in the library : House, deep house, techno , electro, trance, dubstep, dub, hip-hop, reggae... You will have more than 650 excerpts from his electronic music DJ for clubbing enormous. The library is sorted for your offer instant access to each type of sound (Beat, Bass, Percu, Vocal FX access ...
To create your song, you just have to use keyboard samples containing the pieces of music selected. Unleash your imagination, play, listen, improve, enjoy, play again, better yet, enjoy your sound. And please send us your videos during live performances, we'll add them to the site.
Do you like Dubstep, dubstep application version contains more than 250 excerpts from dubstep to spend a crazy party atmosphere dubstep music.
Fan of reggae, reggae version you can spend the afternoon was quiet play your own roots reggae.

Download now PushPad DJ it's FREE